Pilot Workshop

Be the first to experience how Be A He(a)ro impacts the positive energy of your team. The (pilot) workshop, which will take place on August 25th, 2021, gives you practical tools to really make a difference in your organization and towards your employees. You will learn how to recognize alarm signals, from mental stress to suicidal thoughts, and how to refer to the right help.


Don’t expect dry theory and boring debates, but a sparkling formula bursting with energy, humor, inspiration, thought leadership and (inter)action. And above all, active listening, feeling and changing to the live music of Boho Strings.


Following the workshop, Be A He(a)ro will follow up with implementation at the workplace. Together we collect the best practices and document the experiences.


We will share the experiences of the pilot workshop with a wide audience at the Be A He(a)ro benefit concert on September 10, 2021 at deSingel (Antwerp).


The pilot workshop is open to sponsors Golden He(a)ro and Silver He(a)ro of the benefit concert on September 10. Interested in participating in one of our workshops? Sign up now.

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The Peter (De Prins) Principle: with spirit!

Be A He(a)ro is an initiative of colleagues, friends, business partners and the wife of
Peter De Prins. Peter was an entrepreneur, co-founder of LQ and a professor in change management at the
Vlerick Business School. In the summer of 2020, he committed suicide. The memory
of his boundless energy and passion, the initiators want to honor with this positive and
impactful action.

There is only one Peter De Prins, but there are many ‘Peters’.
To them we wish to reach out.

Be A He(a)ro is an initiative of Veronique Van de Steen, Boho Strings, LQ, Fishermen and Xpair Communication.

Our partners: Centrum ter Preventie van Zelfdoding, Vlerick, Groep Huyzentruyt, Partena Ziekenfonds and Linklaters

Thinking about suicide? Talk about it. Call 1813 or chat via zelfmoord1813.be.