Be A He(a)ro
Real heroes listen

He(a)ro Leadership

We strengthen companies, (social) organizations and schools by teaching them how to really listen. Through positive and energetic workshops and follow-up sessions, we provide leaders with tools to connect with their employees in a safe environment. Because only then will they also dare to share their professional and personal insecurities – up to and including depression and thoughts around suicide.

Be A He(a)ro enables executives to detect alarm bells and cries of distress in the workplace in a timely manner and refer them to the right experts who can provide help. To do this, we work with the Centrum ter Preventie van Zelfdoding (Center for the Prevention of Suicide).

The program permanently boosts mental resilience within the organization and goes one step further: we tackle the taboo of depression and suicide at its root.

He(a)ro Leadership = become stronger by allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Proceeds from the workshops go to the Centrum ter Preventie van Zelfdoding.

Take the lead

Workshops will start in full force in the fall of 2021 at companies, (social) organization and schools.

Exclusive benefit concert

To give Be A He(a)ro extra exposure, the innovative string orchestra Boho Strings is giving a
benefit concert on September 10, 2021 in the Blue Hall of deSingel (Desguinlei 25, 2018
Antwerp), with guest soloists Andreas Scholl and Tamar Halperin.

All proceeds go to the Centrum ter Preventie van Zelfdoding and the operation of
Be A He(a)ro.

Prior to the concert, there will be a panel discussion with Dirk De Wachteras the central guest and
we will devote attention to the impact of the pilot workshop.

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The Peter (De Prins) Principle: with spirit!

Be A He(a)ro is an initiative of colleagues, friends, business partners and the wife of Peter De Prins. Peter was an entrepreneur, co-founder of LQ and a professor in change management at Vlerick Business School. In the summer of 2020, he committed suicide. The organizers want to honor the memory of his boundless energy and passion with this positive and impactful action.

There is only one Peter De Prins, but there are many ‘Peters’. To them we wish to reach out.

Be A He(a)ro is an initiative of Veronique Van de Steen, Boho Strings, LQ, Fishermen and Xpair Communication
Our partners: Centrum ter Preventie van Zelfdoding, Vlerick, Groep Huyzentruyt, Partena Ziekenfonds and Linklaters

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Thinking about suicide? Talk about it. Call 1813 or chat via